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Today's Horoscope for Cancer

October 20, 2017
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Quick Quote: That would be a good thing for them to cut on my tombstone: Wherever she went, including here, it was against her better judgment.
-- Dorothy Parker

Random Fact: If you spray an antiseptic spray on a polar bear, its fur will turn purple.

Today in History
1656: All female jury hears case of woman who killed her child (acquit her)
1910: Saskatchewan Rugby Football Union forms
1957: Duke Snider's 39th and 40th home runs are last hit at Ebbets Field
1983: NASA launches Galaxy-B
1990: Saudi Arabia expels many Jordanian and Yemeni envoys
1993: Supreme Soviet dismisses president Boris Yeltsin
1996: 4th Solheim Cup: U.S. beats Europe 17-11 at St. Pierre Wales

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